Latest Updates

Hope everyone's having a good long weekend! Have been busy mixing songs and 'Now Your Love's Gone' 'Mood' and 'Hello Ukraine' are the final mixes and have been updated, check them out below! I want to get 'Hello Ukraine' mastered by another engineer then, will look at promotion, leading to a release ASAP. Will be donating proceeds to the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) Also, thanks to those that have said hi in my guestbook, means a lot and it's great when I get feedback!

Evening all, I've always said drop beats not bombs but, if music can be a weapon, then I'm making one in support of Ukraine! It's terrible what's happening there and I, like I'm sure many of you, feel sad and helpless and wish I could do more. I've written a track to show support for Ukraine and it's people. It's called 'Hello Ukraine' (Trap) It comes with a message of truth for Russia and a question for Putin. I want to keep it hopeful though (if that's possible) in the chance that he may somehow look inside and change, and withdraw his troops from Ukraine, and stop the bloodshed.

It's the first version so will leave it for a few days and then check the mix. I need to look at the best options for a charity for Ukraine and all proceeds will go there. I'll get this mastered by another engineer (with fresh ears) so I can compare with mine and then release the song and post links etc. 

I've updated the website to a one page design and added 'Searching' another song from my forthcoming E.P. 'Moods' A mellow synth, keys and bass based instrumental with chopped up vocal effects, listen below. I'm aiming to get cassette and vinyl versions of my E.P. available, as well as digital downloads when finished, sign up to my mailing list for updates etc. 

Hey all, I've added two new songs. The first is the title track from my forthcoming E.P. called 'Mood' A slow jam R&B vibe with Vox from Nicole, Carlos and myself and the second is a chilled cover of 'Superstar' with bass from Radix and Vox from myself. I looked at different artist names to release my E.P. and was thinking of using A Jay Soul but tbh it didn't feel quite right, as I've been DJ Soul for so long, so am sticking with that :) I've updated the sites URL and have put a re direct on the old link. 

Thanks for stopping by :) I'm working on finishing the songs for my first E.P. 'Moods' With songs ranging from Slow Jams and R&B to Rock, all stories of a lost love...Here are two songs from it, still work in progress but just about there. 'Hurt Me Baby' has a rockier vibe than normal for me but still with a Soulful flavour. With vox from myself and additional vox from Carlos Van Badham. 'Now Your Love's Gone' is a R&B / Slow Jam Ft vox from Nicole with myself on backing vox. Hope you enjoy them ^^ Soul